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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Found Lena

Well after all of these years I have finally found Lena! The daughter of Emma, as per my previous story, and my grandfather's sister who just seem to vanish.

Turns out she lead a parallel life to her older sister Mabel, whom she probably never even knew existed. Because of these parallels I followed Mabel's life for some time wondering why Mabel was known as Lena.

Both married x2 and both had  husband's were known as Les! Only Mabel's first husband was Les and Lena's second was Les.
Both never had children
Both died in a nursing home
Uncle Jim had told me stories about Lena, saying her first husband was a "cad". Not sure about Lena's husband but Mabel's was a small time criminal who died in Jail, serving almost 25 years for housebreaking because as soon as he was released he reoffended. Uncle Jim did tell me Lena's husband divorced her because she could not have children, but I did find that Mabel did not remarry until her first husband died.

It turned out that Lena had married in Cecil Fowler then in 1938 she married Albert William Leslie Adams (Les Adams) in New South Wales.
I did find the divorce papers for Lena and Cecil and it was quite a sad story. She was not able to give him children but this was not the reason they divorced.
Les Adams was a popular musician at the time, another thing Uncle Jim had stated. He was the first person to bring out an electric Hawaiian Guitar to Australia.

The last thing was Lena's death, Les had already passed away and Lena was in a nursing home. She was apparently crippled with arthritis and in a wheel chair. Uncle Jim said that he went to visit her there before she died after he found out she was there. When she died she has been registered that her mother was Mande Mary Conroy, maiden name Royal rather than Royle, however this was not in the index so I had overlooked it. If the index showed Royal I would have picked this up.

These findings have put together a number of family stories I had heard.