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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saving an Ancestral Grave

Yesterday I recieved some photos of an Ancestral grave at Arthurs Creek. It is the grave of Thomas Murphy and his wife Mary (nee Nolan) and thier 22yo daughter Bridget.
Along with it I recieved a request from the Cemetery Trust asking if the family were interested in having all fixed up. The headstone is in good condition but it needs to be strengthened and the sides are caving in.
Now I need to contact as many descendants as possible to ask if they would be interested in putting toward the $3000.00 needed for repairs.
My thinking is to find at least 100 descendants to each contribute $30 and it can be done. My grandmother, the granddaughter of this couple, has well over 100 decendants on her own, of course many of those are too young to contribute but Nana was only one of about 12 Grandchildren.
I have posted an event on Facebook and getting responses but will also have to write a few letters I think.